The Untamed Musical World of Velvet Negroni

phrases Edward Harrington Velvet Negroni is about as distinctive as they arrive. This is perhaps…

phrases Edward Harrington

Velvet Negroni is about as distinctive as they arrive. This is perhaps as a result of the truth that most artists aren’t raised by evangelical missionaries that power their kids into pushing their careers as classical pianists or skilled ice skaters… 

Each of this stuff are true of Jeremy Nutzman’s unusual and wacky orphaned upbringing. And this strangeness and wackiness positively displays in his music. 

Having simply launched his new album ‘Bulli,’ Velvet Negroni is pushing his personal tailor-made musical type to the bounds. This album specifically refines his grasp of progressive minimal Jazz with uncooked, heartfelt pop. 

His songs are a frantic string of sore feelings and juxtaposed music genres. Chunky guitar and bass strains, probing synths and samples from all angles and roomy piano meld to create lovely prismatic bubbles. Otherworldly, while similtaneously worldly because it will get, Velvet Negroni is approaching the world as a staunch outsider in a blur of previous acquaintances, lingering resentment and present battle. A voyager in a mirror-maze of muzzled and menacing feelings, sparking a surreal and uncooked sound. 

The album is sort of a loophole timeline, delving out and in of Negroni’s experiences and psychological states. The unexplained opening observe ‘Pop Tune 2’ throws you straight into the frenzy and will get you hungry from the get go, a short while later proceeded by ‘Pop Tune 1,’ then ‘Sinker,’ through which he shares the main points, “they name me Negroni, but additionally it’s Jerry,” hinting at an identification disaster and even twin persona… It turns into blatant that he’s addressing his mother and father when he states, “I’m conscious of the probabilities you gave me, that I didn’t take.” Within the video he’s doing a little sort of clown-like pastiche of an ice skater in a skate park, while wielding a brush round. 


Velvet Negroni’s music might virtually be described as a tie dye of subculture stylings, take for instance the second track, “By no means Stated Peep,” that has the freshness of a 90’s trance observe however as if there’s a 70’s disco ball strobing over it. The track stills you into Negroni’s world, and its off-balance, unsettled movement. 

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Because the album goes on, it virtually seems like you might be in an area shuttle, every thing outdoors turning to slo-mo, as Negroni touches on weird points of gloomy life… “Arizona’s new personas,” revisiting shut affections within the track ‘Georgia.’

On ‘Bell Clapper,’ the music looks like unusual shapes colliding into each other effortlessly. Right here, Negroni has made excessive complexity sound so succinct, the always altering musical components fluctuating collectively seamlessly. At occasions, Negroni’s music actually is like listening to obscure work or summary sculpture. 

Velvet Negroni is unravelling the probabilities of music and pulling the very deepest components of himself together with it. Humorous and horrifying and pointedly romantic. The second to final track ‘Animal’ maybe sums up the album’s expertise, “life within the day of an avatar, uncontrolled like a passenger.” It seems like you will have gone on a journey with Negroni, however he’s nonetheless maintaining one thing from you, leaving you perplexed in his maze of shameless examination. 

The album is out now on 4AD

Official Website | Bandcamp