Teleport – Pictures sequence by Cristóbal Carretero Cassinello

Introduction by Josep Fabrega Agea , Artwork and Pictures Critic. I wish to make an…

Introduction by Josep Fabrega Agea , Artwork and Pictures Critic.

I wish to make an extended and essential introduction that offers us an concept of ​​the braveness and groundbreaking modernity signified by the works of Cristóbal Carretero Cassinello.  

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The road images developed within the final 5 years is a part of the theoretical transformation of the eighties, the conquest of the museums, passing by way of the arrival of the brand new applied sciences within the 90s, when images ended up consolidating itself as an essential member throughout the up to date creative discipline. Right here emerges the idea “images ineffective ”, which establishes images as an autonomous creative medium, versus Descriptive images of earlier generations, characterised by social reporting. Extra not too long ago, the primary criticisms of pure photographic realism, the strict road documentary and aesthetic strains of thought are produced which are symptomatic of a of postmodern thought, to the present context during which expertise has given rise to the talk on “postphotography”.

At this level a brand new method of working is consolidated: conceptual sequence primarily based on visible materials, not essentially images of a documentary nature. Paraphrasing Joan Fontcuberta, “the absence of strict documentary fact doesn’t suppose any trauma or anguish, somewhat it seems as one thing fascinating and pure on the service of the underlying mental mission. ” Put up-photography the place we will set up that it’s the content material and never the shape that offers unity to a really important commentary of using expertise taken solely on the service of the apparent fact and never of the underlying fact.

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Cassinello goes past strict documentaryism; greater than purely formal options and descriptive, the photographer enters into that obsessive want to make us doubt what he’s and what a picture could be, and on the similar time increasing the boundaries of expressive vocabulary photographic in the direction of his private surreal imaginative and prescient of shapes, colour, mild, midtones and shadows. The uncooked materials of what reaches our pupil and our mental interpretation. Briefly, the renewal of road images that solely few authors are producing, that’s: the progress of the photographic medium from its questioning. The picture as a pretext and mental assist for the only service of mental content material or leivmotiv of every mission.

Dynamite typical actuality with the brand new photographic actuality, by way of diptychs, optical illusions, type contrasts and complex trompe l’oeil that, nonetheless, in its development give coherence and narrative to the mission. Having made this introduction to Cristóbal’s new Teleport mission: the place is the message, idea, thread that leads us? The photographs or maybe we should always say higher, the visible materials leads us to a revelation of hidden doorways of time invisible to the human eye however to not the digital camera lens and defining of the body that enables us to journey in time so typically longed for. Is a evocation of the unknown, of the not evident, of the not seen even when we’ve got it earlier than our sight.

That actual or unreal creativeness of touring in house time is a method of changing into conceptual actuality, what with out the filter of the digital camera and the framework of the idea they might be easy observations of day by day life. In Cassinello’s phrases “Teleport will make us sound on the pace of sunshine, it would make us accomplices of the nice Argonaut journey of matter by way of space-time, described within the equations Albert Einstein’s Common Relativity. Wormholes that lie in invisibility obvious. They are going to divulge to us a brand new momentary actuality, a pulse to cause and the search chimerical man of coincident parallel universes prior to now, current and future. ” It’s right here the place Cristóbal is courageous, iconoclastic, and flees from aesthetic, compositional and subjects of road images to navigate in your individual private and artistic universe. His works are probably the most authentic that there’s immediately within the photographic scene and set traits inside and out of doors our borders, as a result of I concern that the images of Strictly documentary road is creatively exhausted.

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